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Its the man not the machine... except with VFX

Its easy to get carried away with hardware in any field of study. PC's are no exception as I'm sure you can easily see custom builds with water coolers, lights, fans and over clocked CPU's. I'm a strong believer that equipment will never outstrip ability however my last build unlocked the art of the possible to make some deep ideas come alive.

Here's my current set up as of October 2018.

custom pc, computer, rig, gaming
I tried to salvage as much from my previous build as possible but this was pretty much built from the ground up

I'm using two monitors an LG 27" 4k for my main and an old (like 2009ish) Viewsonic 26" as my secondary. I'm not sure if its just me but I feel the quality on the viewsonic show much better especially with fine detail. I sometimes bring the image im working on back and forth to get two different perspectives on the color and quality. Of course your image will never look the same on every screen.

gtx 980ti SLI connection

This was my first time going all out on a GPU setup. At the time of the build (I think it was late

2016) the gtx 980ti was the top card out behind the 1080ti. About a year later I decided to pick another one up twinning the power with an SLI connection. To be honest I dont notice that much of a difference in performance but I could be wrong.

I'm also using an X99 Asus motherboard with an i7 3.3GHz chip. I could have opted in for more ram and might upgrade later but as of now im at 32 gigs which works fine.

Having suffered from some major harddrive crashes I went all in and have 3 solid state drives. These are great for caching big particle renders.

Really happy with the NZXT h440 case - added some subtle lighting inside as well

i'm using a really old logitec g6 mouse - still works great

You have no idea how many dm's I get about what this is - picked it up in indonesia, its an ashtray

Any other questions about my setup feel free to reach out.


(Marc Molinaro Toronto, Canada)

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1 Comment

Oriolys Ramirez
Oriolys Ramirez
Oct 09, 2018

Awesome Article ! Keep it Up.

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